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“Anything But Pink”

Everyone wants to look good— at least everyone who reads this blog. No matter how you describe your personal taste, most of us would ideally choose to dress well for our style preferences. While I personally relate to neither the sporty chick nor the sorority girl, I don’t think that really matters when it comes to giving fashion advice. Someone’s clothing says a lot about them. What would you want people to know about you at first glance? You’d probably want to accurately represent your personality, while simultaneously looking put together.

Although its pretty easy to decide whether or not you like a particular trend or style, it isn’t always as simple incorporating it into your wardrobe. In order to achieve your desired look, you must first perfect the basics. SO before you go buying that colorful print-y silk-y $60 wear-once-in-an-instagram top, lets have a little chat.

PS– I’m only going to feature pieces under $50 for this post.

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Running, Pot, and Stuff.

Today I went on a run. Those who know me personally are well aware that this isn’t a usual occurrence. Running is something I actively avoid. With a DD bra size, I come equipped with great reasoning: would you want to run with two bowling balls attached to you?  Yet despite my always-appropriate excuse, today seemed like the kind of day for a run. I imagine this is a non-runner thought process, and it only happens a few times a year. The temperature outside was 66 and sunny, my summer wardrobe is dominated with cropped tops, and my gym doesn’t have good cell reception.

I chose the perfect Pandora station; entitled “running”. With Nicki Minaj by my side all athletic activities are possible. If I ran at the pace of my own music I’d be slowly, sadly, walking to Ed Sheeran. I’m a very polite runner, probably because I love an excuse to take a break. I got started on my run, allowing each and every car to exit their driveway in my path.

At one point I had to cross a considerably long bridge. NO STOPPING I promised myself. The wind was up against me, but I still won every race I mentally initiated with the middle aged men tackling the same bridge. I only challenged those whom I thought I could beat. Of course they were unaware of our competition.

By the end of the bridge I had to catch my breath. I realized that I was pathetically out of shape. By my own personal standards I am not fat. I’m going through a period of time where my fridge is empty and I take my (prescribed) adderall instead of coffee. My arms are squishy right now, but the rest of me is a few pounds lighter than MY average.

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Rock Rainbow This Summer.

Yesterday my friend Siobhan showed up to summer classes wearing a windbreaker that looked exactly like rainbow sherbet. I became immediately jealous and even a little resentful of my stylish friend. “Where did you get that?” I asked her, knowing full well that it was too fab for me to copy… you can’t just *buy* one of your friends signature pieces. Shib found it fair and square from a brand called Bench and got it at Nordstrom, but you’ll all have to survive without it because it isn’t online. To satisfy this overwhelming desire I have to look like a frozen desert, I’ve found some of my favorite rainbow pieces on the internet. Lets shop.



Jacket: Kohls



Sunglasses: Pac Sun



Cropped top: Dolls Kill “over the rainbow” (festival chic)

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What Are You wearing? I’ll Tell You.

Forever 21: although the clothes are cheaply made, the story behind the store is actually quite heart warming. CEO Do Won Chang came to America after working at coffee shops in Korea. Although he originally assumed he’d do the same thing when he arrived here in the 80’s, he quickly noticed that all the successful people around him were in the garment industry. He followed suit opening the first Fashion 21 (now Forever 21) in 1984– 3 years after arriving in America. The company remains family owned, and one of Chang’s biggest prides— that people can shop at his stores and know they were started by a Korean immigrant family that came to America with nothing but a dream. Chang’s mission is to help third world countries in need of aid, inspired a lot by his religious faith.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Saks was removed from the Humans Rights Campaigns list of allies in 2014. According to reports, a transgender employee was repeatedly harassed by her coworkers. The transgender employee was fired, and later sued the company on the grounds of unfair dismissal. Saks motioned to dismiss the charges as they transgender individuals are not protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964; which bans discrimination based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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YouTube Breakdown: Who to Watch

Hello, it’s Nicole. Fun fact: I watch more YouTube than I do TV. I’m obsessed with keeping my “Watch Later” playlist organized and I love setting aside some time in my day to hang out with my favorite YouTubers. If you’re into YouTube, you’ll know that your favorite YouTubers can feel like your friends. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll think I’m crazy.

Allow me to introduce you to some of my “friends” in the Beauty/Lifestyle community:

The Pros: Legit as they get…

YouTube Pros

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A City in Flames and a Nation in Crisis.

I fear a city on fire has caused our country to question the legitimacy of a very real, very important movement. Just as we watched the city of Ferguson deteriorate in the name of injustice, peaceful protests in Baltimore have become national-headline bloodbaths. While I am unable to suggest justification for torching anyone’s cars, nor do I think theres ever an appropriate occasion for burning down your local drug store, I think its important that we are all aware of why people are angry in the first place. Whether or not you believe anyone has the right to act out violently, if we don’t recognize the issues that people are protesting then we’re going to be forced to inhale smoke and sweep up ash in every major city.

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