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Don’t Limit Tolerance.

For the first 17 years of my life I identified as someone who was very religious. My grandmother is an Episcopal minister, I attended Sunday school throughout my childhood, and I was actively involved in my high school youth group. Every summer I went to Christian camp in New Hampshire; some of my fondest memories took place there. Although I was no stranger to wrong-doings, I knew that I would be saved as long as I believed that Jesus Christ died for my sins. This is what I was told, and this is what I whole-heartedly believed to be the truth.

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The Bodysuit is Alive and Well.

Fall of 2009: Megan Fox was at the peak of her career…. granted the peak of her career was playing a damsel in distress in Transformers 2 (which I’ve never seen and never will.) She was arguably one of the most influential sex symbols of the late 00’s, and this Rolling Stone cover only strengthened that.

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Guys loved her, straight girls upon discovering Megan was bisexual questioned their own sexual orientation, and everyone ran as fast as they could to the nearest American Apparel to get this bodysuit. In addition to this particular spread’s massive popularity, American Apparel became the hub for bodysuits.

Now that flares are “what’s up” and the looser the better on the bottom (love boyfriend jeans, joggers, etc) the body suit is even more desirable than ever. When bodysuits were initially popular, we were still wearing low-rise (throwback, I know.) Now wearing one makes way more sense with the rest of your wardrobe–outfit harmony.

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Is it still a knockoff if you didn’t get it on Canal Street?

I have a very love-hate relationship with fast-fashion. On one hand, I love having the opportunity to indulge in fast changing trends without the financial burden. On the contrary, I am all too aware of the negative impact the clothing industry on the environment (not to mention fair trade.) That being said, as much as I love buying something that looks expensive with a contradicting tag; where do we draw the line at knockoffs? I’m not talking about a stick-on Kate Spade tag you sported on the bag you bought on a trip to NYC in middle school, or the “Chanel” studs you had freshman year of high school. I’m talking about respected retailers who blatantly rip off other designers.

I first noticed Forever 21’s tendency to replicate other designers when I saw a CLEAR knockoff of the 3.1 Pashli satchel this past winter. As I was perusing their website today, I couldn’t help but be a frustrated by their blatant replication of popular designer bags.

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Big Boob Bralette Talk.

A few days ago while shamefully buying a full-fat grande iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks, I noticed a group of girls who were probably roughly 18 sporting some Brandy Melville bags and frappuccinos. Judging by their drink of choice I felt it was safe to assume that they had yet to leave for college. What shocked me was how off-point their bra game was. Seriously– these girls were exposing their bra straps and squeezing their back-fat with elastic. I was under the impression that the Tumblr/Weheartit generation would be a step ahead in the undergarment game, but I realized that perhaps the importance of a good bralette has been completely overlooked.

I thought of my own bralette collection; not exceptional, but I have what I need for my wardrobe. That being said, as someone who wears a 36DD bra size in Victoria’s Secret (not sure what that even means in real life…) Finding a bra, bathing suit, etc has been a challenge I’ve faced for a number of years, and my findings shouldn’t be kept to myself.

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Lets Shop Studs Together.

I firmly believe that everyone looks better with earrings. That being said, a lot of times a bad pair can ruin an entire outfit. Nothing says “overdone” like a statement necklace with chandelier earrings…. yikes. The safest bet, and one I typically prefer, is with the perfect pair of studs. Of course as always the only pieces i’m featuring are available at stores that offer free shopping! Regardless of your personality, style and metal of choice– we’ve found the perfect pair for you!

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Fuck Boy: An Original Poem.

The party isn’t over until he’s ready to go home

Although he might not aim high, he rarely sleeps alone.

He doesn’t make promises, he’ll never tell a lie

But commitment isn’t his thing, he’s not that kinda guy.


If you leave an earring at his place, you’ll never see it again

For “leave behinds” are a sign of dependency, and you’re nothing but a friend.

He’ll text you after months of silence with nothing but a hey

So much time has past, and this is all he has to say.

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Bess Vacation I Ever Had.

Hey, what’s up, hello!! This past week I went on a vacation so ballin’ that I’m struggling to find the right words to describe it. As her graduation gift, my friend Chelsea‘s parents let her invite some of her closest friends on their beautiful yacht for a week long trip; starting in Miami (where the boat is docked) and traveling to two different islands in the Bahamas. (THANK YOU LANE AND LETTY IT WAS AWESOME.) If you can’t handle FOMO, close the tab. If you’ve already survived a week of following me on Instagram and Snapchat (mtnewcomb), you may as well keep going.

*Cue the music*

I could write poetry about the baked brie our chef Gino made us for happy hour, or sing songs about the tropical cocktails our stewardess Stacey made us (without using simple syrup!) I discovered that it is possible to be sexually attracted to a lamb shank, and that there is actually such a thing as being too full to continue eating– despite the heart’s desire for the flowerless chocolate cake in front of you.

The biggest challenge I faced for a week was trying to keep myself on the tube, while Chelsea drove far beyond a reasonable speed on the jet ski. Nicole endured a little more turbulence when trying to enter the Bahamas without a passport. Long story short: it worked out because Captain Craig/Chelsea’s Dad pulled some baller move.

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10 Perfect Summer Bags Under $100

The perfect bag is an essential part of your summer wardrobe. Seeing as those of us in New England only have a few short months to rock our colorful bags, the price of the bag is a lot more important than it would typically be. For this reason I’m only featuring bags $100 and under! This year it’s all about pastels, fringe, and bucket bags. I’ve done some shopping for you.


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The perfect backpack is $68 via Nasty Gal

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3 Comeback Trends

In the age of the internet it should come as no surprise that the fashion-cycles are accelerated. Some trends have the never-ending lifespan of a pet-store goldfish;  like the re-birth of the flare that has everybody talking.. and BUYING. Others are not as sustainable, like tattoo choker necklaces. Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters made tattoo chokers very cool, very fast– but by the time the trend caught on, NORMCORE was already on its way out, and the 70’s styles moving in had no use for accessories historically purchased in grocery store vending machines.

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