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You don’t have to be loaded to have great style, but sometimes with Instagram and celebrity fashion, that can be easy to forget. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite picks under $50. Best investment? The Herschel backpack– they are everywhere right now, and make the perfect post-grad backpack. The best steal? Nasty Gal sunglasses for $40– they look WAY more expensive than that.
Bargaining an awesome wardrobe

Crossroads minus Britney.

A year ago I would have confidently told you that I had the best life in the world. I was studying abroad in Australia and about ready to return to the U.S. Even after my homecoming, I still felt as though my life was seemingly perfect. Nearly the moment I touched ground in Boston, I fell for a guy from my past who took it upon himself to build a fairytale for me.

Tomorrow is April 1st, and I realize that I have spent the past 6 months wishing time away. I haven’t seized the day since Spring Break, but before that, probably a year. I have become increasingly fond of my apartment, probably my favorite hotspot in Boston. I even recently completed 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives.

I’m back working at the Boston Park Plaza, a place I repeatedly promise myself never to return to. The front desk is just a stop along the way for me. I go back there before transitioning into a new adventure. But what is the next step? I’m less sure than ever at this time.

I graduate in about a month and a half, but to the surprise of absolutely nobody, have put myself in the position where I must take two summer classes to get my diploma. Its fine, I should probably learn Spanish anyways, but I wish that I had set myself up for graduating on time. My B.

So whats NEXT?? I have a few options, but nothing I’m ready to commit to. I’ve got someone pulling me in the direction of NYC, for something that could potentially lead to some serious success in the fashion industry. On the other hand, I want to be somewhere where I can count on the sun to warm my skin. I have very few connections out in California, but I’ve always felt thats where I belong. Do I go where the job opportunities are, or where the lifestyle appeals?

But what about Australia? If I know I can be happy somewhere, why wouldn’t I go back there? Would it make more sense for me to work there, or somewhere else abroad? Would it be senseless to leave my family, or the best decision of my life?

I’m completely unsure of what I want my legacy to be, and I know I need time to assess it. I’ve found myself excelling in classes that typically wouldn’t interest me; which is completely confusing as a senior in college. I realize you never stop learning, but I would at least like some indication of what career I should choose. Will I use my degree, or am I going to allot half my salary towards paying off loans for the rest of my life in vain?

Other option: Nicole and I could transfer to a hotel in Hawaii and we’ll never have to be cold again.

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Cheers to uncertainty.



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#Confused : Do I like Lilly Pulitzer?

I’m going through a bit of an identity crisis. For years I thought of matching mother-daughter dresses when I thought of Lilly Pulitzer. Suddenly, I’m looking at the lookbook for their target line, and I find myself selecting products I want. I had a very particular idea about who I thought wore LP, but looking at this line— I think I’d consider it myself (what.is.going.on.) Anyways, for those of us who don’t identify as preppy, these pieces might just sell us on the brand.

So for those who were skeptics on whether or not Lilly for Target would “destroy Lilly’s reputation”, I don’t think thats the case. As someone who had a somewhat negative view on Lilly (and not because of the price), I’m now more open to the brand.

P.S its not available till April 19th, but its expected to be a huge turnout– you might want to pick out your favorite piece now.


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p.s everyone needs a hammock.

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The Hills Have Great Eyes.

This isn’t a review on a horror movie, which I am completely unqualified to do as I have seen minimal scary movies in my lifetime. Instead, I’ve gathered my favorite spring looks from the ladies from MTV classic The Hills.

Whitney Port’s “Whitney Eve” line is a collaboration of California prints and colors with New York silhouettes; perfect for those of us who appreciate the Free People lifestyle, but can’t necessarily justify dressing everyday like you’re going to Coachella.

Some of my favorites include:

Whitney Eve "Crab Claw" Dress

Whitney Eve “Crab Claw” Dress

Whitney Eve "Guava" Dress

Whitney Eve “Guava” Dress

Whitney Eve "Bottle Brush" Sweater

Whitney Eve “Bottle Brush” Sweater

Whitney Port "Lucky Nut" Pants

Whitney Eve “Lucky Nut” Pants

While WP’s line is certainly affordable to an extend, my spring wardrobe probably won’t consist strictly of $150 floral dresses. Mix in some of Whit’s BFF Lauren Conrad’s line for Kohls for some financial variety.

Photo by Kohls

Photo by Kohls

Photo by Kohls

Photo by Kohls

Photo by Kohls

Photo by Kohls

LC by Lauren Conrad is proof that it isn’t where you bought it, its how you wear it.


He Who Isn’t Sorry

Anna and Rachel are the type of women that guys dream about and girls friend-crush over. Aside from having in common that they are both “total packages”, they both feel everything deeper than most.  Hopeless romantics love hard and tend to be the first to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  With this deep compassion comes extreme sadness when things go unexpectedly.  Unfortunately, both Anna and Rachel had a run in with He Who Isn’t Sorry.

Anna and her boy (not man) had been on and off for years.  Despite this, their relationship is better described as a “bromance”, as they truly seemed to be best friends.  They were making it work while she was on the East Coast and he was in school on the West.  It was a cold winter day in her world and a sunny and warm one in his, when Anna received a tip-off from another girl (props to you, girl) that she might want to do some investigating.  It turns out she was right, and when she made the gut-wrenching move to confront him, he gave her nothing.  No emotion, no regret.  He was not sorry.

Rachel’s boyfriend was older than her, super mature, and he made sure she knew it.  It was always a project for him to come visit her at school, but when she did see him he made sure it was extravagant.  Their time together was spent at romantic dinners and even the occasional club night. They were always the “lovey-dovey” type.  One night while at UMass, Rachel had a hunch.  While the boy was sound asleep, she was restless.  She decided to do what no girl ever wants to do– look through his phone.  It turned out her intuition was correct.  “You were such a good dancer” and “You’re such a great kisser” the texts read. Rachel woke her boy out of his peaceful slumber with a swift punch in the face.  His reaction? “Get the f*ck out of my face.”  He then proceeded to drive 2+ hours home at 4am, drunk.  He, most definitely, was not sorry.

Here’s where Anna can learn something from Rachel, though.  I’ll give you one guess what happened a couple of months later.  Rachel’s boy came crawling back.  NOW he was sorry.  NOW he wanted to make it up to her. NOW he realized he messed up.

Well isn’t that just perfectly expected.

Rachel didn’t take him back,  and neither will Anna when her boy undoubtedly comes crawling back.  Do these girls want to give He Who Isn’t Sorry a second chance, believing things will change?  Absolutely.  I’m not one to sit back and say it would be easy to walk away, but these girls know their worth.

Guys, If you think this post is about you – it probably isn’t.  But if the shoe fits…

Next time you’re not sorry, you better make damn sure.

First World Thoughts

(The names of those mentioned in the story have been changed)

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4 Fab Finds Besides Being Naked

Urban Decay started the Neutral Mania. With 3 wildly successful larger palettes and 2 matte basic palettes, everyone seems to go crazy over the Naked. I’m not trying to knock UD, I like a lot of their products, but I don’t own any of the Naked palettes. I’ve lusted over them and while they’re good, they’re even better at marketing. There is life outside of of the Naked palettes. Let’s break it down:

Naked Palette: 12 Shades, $54: The main complaint these palettes is the lack of matte shades. Shimmer shades look beautiful but you get flashback in pictures (aka your eyes will just glow in night time pictures) and not see all of your hard work/time you spend blending.

Neutral Eyeshadow Alternatives

If you want something smaller: Too Faced Natural Eyes: 9 shades, $36

I love Too Faced shadows. They are super creamy and blend beautifully. 4 mattes, 5 satin/shimmers…you’re set. (Try out the Boudoir Eyes if you want something similar to the Naked 3)

If you want variety: It! Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. 1: 14 shades + 1 Transforming Pearl shade, $42

This palette is great because you are getting all matte shades with a shimmery, “transforming pearl” shade to add shimmer. These mattes aren’t flat or chalky like some other mattes. Neutrals, purple taupe, navy, rose, copper, you have it all with this one. Plus, it’s an incredible value.

If you want to be a proLORAC PRO Palette: 16 shades, $42

Most makeup artists will tell  you that if you are going to get one palette, this should be it. The top row is all matte, the bottom row shimmer. This palette is slim, packed with all the colors you need, and will give you every eye look you want and need.

If you want glamStila Eyes are the Window – Soul: 12 shades, $49,

Matte, shimmer, sparkle, and Stila’s infamous “kitten.” This shade can go from day to drama in a heartbeat and the packaging is drool-worthy.

All of these palettes are beautiful and not to mention, less expensive than the UD. All of the palettes also come in other shade selections so you’ll be sure to find something to fit your needs. xoxo, Nicole

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I Liked That Fish.

Dense and scripted; insincere and useless.

Tell me, how many girls have forgotten about a guy because, “he’s a piece of shit you should just forget about him” or how often someone has felt immediately confident after hearing “you’re way too good for them!” Clichés are the obviously the least effective form of support, so why do we still use them?

“There are plenty of fish in the sea”

We are aware that there are a lot of other people in this world, we have Tinder. We see the statistics, but the only people we see on an average day are those in our immediate surroundings. I saw that fish with a lot of other female fish and I don’t think they were just swimming.

“Everything happens for a reason”

I’ve said that before too, because I didn’t know what else to say.

Expecting advice like this to console your friend is like wearing a “make love not war” t-shirt and expecting President Obama to pull the troops out of the Middle East.

“you’ll love the Single life”

It’s hard to want to meet new people when you’re emotionally exhausted from the last new person you brought into your life. Someone once told me that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. Although I have tried that regimen in the past, turns out its a placebo.

Instead, level with her. Yeah, its going to suck when there isn’t someone to talk to about the minuscule details of your day. Its too bad that you have to wonder what their family now thinks of you.  Its easy to give a 5 minute pep talk and move forward with your life, but whats going on is probably consuming them.

“time heals everything”

There is no time frame in which your stomach must stop dropping at the sound of their voice. An alarm doesn’t go off when your mourning duration is up. It could take years before a day comes that you don’t think of them (fuck you, Snapchat.)

“he didn’t deserve you anways”

Nobody has ever dumped anyone for being too awesome. If you thought he was such a tool, why did you let me date a “hardo” for 10 months? What does his new girlfriend have that you don’t? Your friends can insist that she’s ratchet, but she’s definitely not ugly. You’re not blind and they’re not honest.

“Never look back”

This is like saying nobody deserves a second chance, and that simply isn’t true. Today someone messaged me about a situation with their ex, who decided to send an “I miss you” message after a long span of silence. He still loved this ex, but he had spent the past few months consciously moving forward.

Its a little twisted, that the only person who can fill the void is the one who created it in the first place. The rejection still lingers at the pit of your stomach, yet your heart feels more whole than it has in a long time.

Giving in is like erasing all the progress you’ve made independently, but its possible that they are sincere and the feelings are mutual. Sure, whats meant to be will “find its way”, but doesn’t fate need a little facilitation? If something you loved were to break, wouldn’t you at least try to fix it?


By using overused cliché-suggestions your friend is going to assume that their relationship is beyond your understanding and that any advice you give is amateur.

Try to discover what the initial attraction was and the relationship roles that formed over time. Ask about their plans for individual futures and the alignment of their lives. Don’t judge them if they’d consider reentering their relationship, but challenge their reasoning.

Empathic conversation leads to breakthroughs. Sympathetic lectures lead to further insecurities. This isn’t a petty bump in the road of life, this is all they can think about.

*que Destiny’s Child*